A little about Fiftyish ...

Hi! I'm Robin Ford. (my maiden name) Some of you may know me as Robin Burpee (still my legal name ... a complicated and character building story).
I'm the face behind “Fiftyish the Girlfriend Spot” ... and it is about you & me! Yes, all about you! Evolving this VIP group into your wants and needs, as our membership grows, are both my immediate and long term goals.
Whether you know, or you don't know, I've been a licensed cosmetologist for most of my adult life. Many of my friends and family were shocked when I revealed that I was going to school to be a hair designer. The motivation behind that was, if I were to ever have a daughter she would have great hair! I had horrible hair as a child and young girl in high school; mom tried hard, but she just wasn't a hair stylist.  The reality is that I have two sons ... and they've always had great haircuts. LOL I told myself, when I was attending cosmetology school well into my 20's, that once I was 40 I'd no longer be cutting hair for a living. For a long run I had my own salon on the west side of Kalamazoo in Michigan; it's name was Hydrangeas at Kelder's Cottage. So a place to become beautiful was named after a bush!  I'm sure that the story behind that will come up in a conversation one day. I had a target clientele of the 30 to 65 year old working woman who was making a living and not afraid to spend money on herself.
Some of you know me from Chicken Coop Treasures, Inc. a fun multi departmental store located just west of Portage, Michigan filled with beautiful treasures. It was an emotionally fulfilling retail establishment, but the overhead made it not a wise choice based on the evolution of retail sales in the US and the establishment of social media and social media marketplaces. My personal and career path needed to evolve very quickly after it's inception in 2014. Now that I'm 55 (in 2018) I've come to a new cross road in my life ... being 50, nearly having an empty nest and losing both of my parents has brought me to a place of reflection. A place I call home and Camp Burpee.
Fashion, Beauty, Design, Shopping, Entertainment and Entertaining, DIY Skills and Cooking, Interests, Travel and more!
Are you over 50, or nearing 50, and loving life? Or do you just have the soul of a progressive thinking fun loving fifty year old? Are you looking forward to embracing your next chapter(s)? Wanting and yearning to level up with grace and beauty? Come join us! It's time to take the coming days, weeks, months and years to the next level; and I'm not talking video games! The most precious "treasure" of our "relationships" are cheering you on. We're the ones that will warm your heart during the sunny and not so sunny days on our maturing horizon.
PS: You don’t have to be Fiftyish to play at the Girlfriend Spot! But you do need to want to grow old with a loving and caring heart.

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    Your new website looks very professional!! Great job

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