A History in the Beauty Industry

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As a licensed cosmologist, since 1985, I've a proven track record with the world of beauty and beauty products. It wasn't until I developed a contact dermatitis, to the over exposure of a totally unnecessary chemical compound group that is routinely used in the category of consumer health care, that I started to really look long and hard at the side effects of the "things" we put on our body via topicals in the skin care, body care and hair care categories. It's really alarming if you think about the toxicity of the stuff we can buy at the drugstore, department store and even the salons that we think we know and should be able to trust.

Virtually nothing in Nature goes to waste. There does seem to be a purpose for all things under Heaven. And as Aristotle once observed: “Nature abhors a vacuum.” ~ Todd Johnson The Hedge 

So a native tree, that is prolific in about 37 of the 48 contiguous United States ... and the secrets of its fruit, remained a silent giant, until grass roots AMERICA came to the rescue in the shape of Todd Johnson and his farmer friends.

🌳Why is Osage Orange Seed Oil Special?🌳
Let Us Count the Ways
We've got the "ANTI"s covered!
Anti-Microbial ~ Anti-Viral ~ Anti-Fungal ~ Anti-Inflammatory



    AND then anything else that you could possibly think of that might be an "ailment of the skin" ... we've got that covered too!
    Treats & Prevents Acne🌳Repairs Collagen🌳Reduces Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles🌳Regulates Melanin🌳Reduces Hyperpigmentaion🌳Relieves Eczema🌳Calms Psoriasis🌳Reverses Rosacea🌳Pain Relief🌳Reduces Appearance of Scars ~ Old & New🌳Relieves Diaper Rash🌳High in Phospholipids 🌳Bioflavonoids 🌳Rich in Antioxidants (hmmmm ... there's another anti!)🌳High Phytonutrients🌳Heals Cuts, Burns & Insect Bites🌳And much, much more
    The oil is pure, natural, and produced in the USA And so is our packaging!! Everything is sourced in the USA. 

    Our motto:  Simple. Honest. Humble. 🌳🐸🌳

    Our results: Clinically proven ... you know, with all the fancy studies and stuff. 📃📃📃

    Our Price Point: Well, we'll let you compare that to what you're using now. ;-)  💲💲💲

    Our Guarantee: 30 Day No Hassle Money Back ⭐⭐⭐

    "Nature’s pharmacy is prodigious. There are over 390,000 plant species on planet Earth and the vast majority of them are useful for something. The Pharmacopoeias of every healer from Hippocrates to Deepak Chopra are replete with plant, floral and herbal remedies for virtually every condition known to humankind. And what most people don’t realize is that many if not most prescription pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs have a botanical base. Todd Johnson knew that. And he knew, as we both did, that all progress in his field occurred because some intrepid scientist, some adventurer, dared to boldly go “where no one has gone before.” ~ ROBERT JOSEPH AHOLA, The HEDGE

    Our star ingredient is not backed by claims.  It is clinically proven with a cult following and has been shown to be effective in everything from anti-aging to cell regeneration and scar reduction.  The list of benefits are consistently growing as our loyal following reports back with their experiences and uses.

    Humble Operations & Ownership

    Pomifera proudly operates in rural Iowa, where our active ingredient is readily available. Our mission is not to sit in a high-rise building behind a desk collecting royalties.  It is to get in, dirty our hands and create beautiful, effective products the all-American way. This is our passion.

    Simple. Honest. Humble.

    These are the three words we focus on daily while building the Pomifera brand.  Products that are simply, formulated, honestly produced and humbly packaged, enable us to avoid passing unnecessary costs to our customers.  You may not get excessive packaging or over the top advertising, but you will also not be paying for it. We believe that a net-zero carbon footprint is something to be proud of and also trust that those who gravitate to our products will value that as well. What you pay for is highly effective, precisely formulated and carefully produced ingredients, nothing more.