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So ... here's my big surprise Facebookies. There are some kinks to work out, but this OLD lady is 100% online in the E Commerce world.


I have an audio clip will air on WVFM sometime this morning.... and I'd like to make this a business challenge for all of you that are business owners. Think of a way to give back and support Feed the Fight Kalamazoo 👈👈👈👈 

I'm going to roll back the start time to include all of Hydrangeas Boutique , 🌸🌸🌸 VIP Hydrangeas Boutique at Chicken Coop Treasures, 🌳🌳 PomDotCom with Robin🌳🌳 POMIFERA Simple. Honest. Humble. purchases from April 1st, 2020 .... so if you made a purchase between then and now 10% of that sale will go toward FTFK as well. My goal is to be able to donate $1,000 to the cause (as quickly as possible), help some locally owned restaurants in a crazy time, feed some front line workers and let them both know we appreciate them.

DO you need help thinking of a way to support FTFK? Then you can reach out to myself or Chelsea Herriman from Alpha Omega Events. A huge fan of mine, and a huge fan of Hydrangeas Boutique ... Chelsea is a gift to Kalamazoo Small Businesses. ALWAYS giving back.

Feed the Fight Kalamazoo ... like their page, support their cause and watch what we can do together. Local TV and radio stations are starting to air the impact that FTFK is having in SW Michigan. You can sign up to volunteer, donate personally or participate as a business at www.ftfkalamazoo.org 

I'd like to give a big shout out to a TOP FAN of Hydrangeas Boutique and suggest that if you have a business, and don't currently have a Media Marketing Rep, that you reach out to Meg Schreck Brake at Midwest Communications, Inc. My radio campaign in the Kalamazoo Market will help me reconnect with clients, customers and friends from days gone by. And hopefully grab the attention of some new customers too 

MOST importantly ... continue to support your LOCALLY Owned Businesses. Some of us are small and some of us are bigger. WE are the ones that support your communities, your neighborhoods and your families. Sometimes you may not see it, but we are the engine that you need to maintain and we are the entity that will keep economics right side up in an upside down time. Just watch us.

And without further ado .... www.hydrangeasboutique.com

New inventory will be added on Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM weekly! 🌸🌸🌸

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