How on earth do I chose my size?

The measurements that you see on most online listings are what we refer to in the industry as "Flat Lay Measurements."

Let's talk sizes! It's so hard to determine size buying online. Let's walk you through it.
How to do a flat lay:
  • 🌸Chest Measurement ~ arm pit to arm pit from the side seam with out stretching the fabric and measure then double
  • 🌸Length Measurement ~ shoulder seam (where it meets the collar) to the hem without stretching the fabric
  • 🌸Bottoms are the same way ~ find a pair of jeans that fit you and copy the measurements that are on the jeans you'd like to buy.
EVERY manufacturer is different. Read the description and think about the stretch and your body shape. Just because you wear a 14 in Levi's doesn't mean you'll wear a 13 or a 15 in Judy Blue. So reach out if you're not certain!
Measure a like fabric top that you have in your closet that way you can compare the flat lay measurements on the website. Woven fabrics have different stretch than knitted fabrics. Also take into consideration if a style is meant to be relaxed, over-sized or more form fitting; then figure in your personal preference on how you like something to fit.
I try really hard to include images of a couple of size models in each listing on my website! So look at the model and say to yourself ... is she my size? That's a good base to start with. If you scroll to the bottom of the description ... you'll see the model's names and what size they are wearing in the garment listing.
You loving your purchases is my goal. Don't no-body need anything else sitting in their closet. Always feel free to reach out to me ... I'm happy to help guide you and at 
Hydrangeas Boutique
 we have a very comforting return/exchange policy because we strive for the best customer service on the planet.

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